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When One Door Closes
December 6, 2016

When a door closes, or gets slammed in your face I often think (just to amuse myself), "hey it's a door, just reopen it, that's the way doors work." I'm not always of the optimistic "another door will open" mind. So when the radio station where I'd worked faithfully for many years literally slammed the door in my face by firing me, my first thought was "those jerks(well, I actually used a different word), this is so wrong, they will pay for this." 

I spent several sleepless, teary days and nights thinking about how to proceed and may of those thoughts included reporting,suing and generally exposing their rampant gender inequality and disrespect but then suddenly another door opened. A big, bright sparkly door where life long dreams come true! OK, so it wasn't actually a door, it was more like an email, but I did have to open it.

The email was to tell me I got a part in the film "Oceans 8" and an appointment for my costume fitting. Tears of disappointment turned to tears of joy and excitement which now powered my sleepless days and nights.

My husband took a photo just before I left for the fitting so we would remember what a new better door and direction feels like,  Wait, why was I wearing my crappy flats to walk through that door, oh well, I changed into fancy heels later.

The costume fitting was amazing. I arrived at a building on Hudson Street in NYC at the designated time, filled out paper work, was measured and then whisked into a dressing room where my name was printed on a wall next to a room filled with hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of couture clothers, shoes and accessories. I wondered for a moment whether I'd actually died after that firing because this was certainly how I imagined heaven would look.

Three wonderful costumers helped undress and redress me in dozens of outfits, adjusting and experimenting with different combinations and accessories. I felt just like a life size Barbie (well, a Barbie with normal breasts amd weight and , well, you get it) anyway, the experience was so much fun. When my costume was decided on. I stood in front of my name and a photo was taken. Many details of the film "Oceans 8" are being kept secret of course, but I can tell you, my costume is gorgeous and I was decked out in couture from ears to feet.

A week later I was picked up in NYC at 5:00 am and driven to my filming location, the old TWA Terminal at Kennedy Airport. For the next two days, for 15 hours a day I had the most extraordinary experiences that reminded me why I'd wanted to be an actor my entire life and made me wonder why I'd stayed in radio so long.

We weren't allowed to take any photos of the actual set, actors or costumes but I was allowed to snap a shot just next to the set, where you can see a tiny bit of the cool architecture.

"Oceans 8" has an all female cast for the principal roles and is directed by Gary Ross, who directed "Hunger Games". I played a fashion commentator/interviewer and my scene involved Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchette and Helena Bonham Carter. I have so many stories about the experience from meeting the director and stars to funny stories from the set, the massive food constantly available, the techniques and technology used in filmmaking and especially the acting tips I learned and friendships formed.

"Oceans 8" won't be released until 2018, meanwhile I've got beautiful new headshots thanks to the talented Adam Husted Photography and I've got interviews and auditions coming up and I'm on my way through that new door and all the scary and exciting changes that come with it!

My wonderfully supportive husband says the new door wouldn't have opened without the firing. He might be right, but that still doesn't make "a wrong a right".

The moral of all this pain and happiness may be that you should be following your dreams, or at least doing what makes you happy and feeds your soul even if a lot of sacrifice is necessary. And you certainly should not be in a job or relationship where people treat you badly or unfairly. So go open some doors!