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Kimberly Kay has a voice and she's not afraid to use it, as an actor, comedian, radio personality, master of ceremonies, friend or just dishing the dirt!

Kimberly has performed extensively on stage, in film and television and has entertained radio listeners and audiences at countless events and fundraisers and even random strangers whether they wanted to be entertained or not.

Kimberly is a vegetarian who actually has thrived on sweets, pizza and tacos for most of her life and doesn't believe in exercise unless it's necessary to outrun a mugger at gun point (true story) or the escalator isn't working.

Kimberly has been married more than once or twice and really enjoys getting married. She does not however enjoy being married; well, until now. Kimberly is currently very happily married to her former spousal equivalent Joe Veillette (luthier to the stars). The Moral: keep screwing up until you actually find what works!

Kimberly does not like children, which is why she doesn't have any. She does however have the world's smartest and cutest cat Juliette that she talks to in a baby voice and refers to herself as Mamma. She would have lots and lots of cats if her bed was bigger and people wouldn't be so damn judgmental!

Kimberly spends most of her quality time with her best friends Mr. TV and Mr. Remote Control. She believes TV, wine and cake, make life worth living! Kimberly is a disciple of Dr. Oz, thinks Judge Judy should run for President and starts every day with a glass of wine just so she can better understand Kathie Lee and Hoda!

Kimberly's short term goals include becoming a cue card writer, (She has beautiful penmanship, which is sadly wasted), doing an infomercial for the "Shake Weight" (the manufacturer is overlooking the fact that you can do it in bed, which would seriously get more people to exercise) and writing a book about how good and necessary sugar actually is for you (damn you healthy fanatics, you are trying to ruin Kimberly's life)!

Kimberly's long term goal is to make you forget the trials and tribulations of your complicated lives and the state of the universe for at least a few minutes and just laugh!